Friday, April 11, 2008

Off topic: Plagiarism and Lupe Fiasco

For any of you (I suspect all of you) who deal with plagiarism in your lives, here is an incredible post from an education blogger. She tells a story that is not uncommon in my experience and probably yours too about a poem plagiarized from a popular song. See the posting here.

It makes me think. How often do we see that popular culture has an incredibly powerful effect on our students? All the time. It speaks to kids in a way that we don't and probably can't. It captures something of their experience that we don't get. How do we or how can we harness that power to use in conjunction with educating... whether about plagiarism or otherwise?

So, I guess I am asking... how do YOU use pop culture to educate, to inspire, and/or to reach the previously unreachable student?

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