Tuesday, April 29, 2008

#18 week 8... as posted from Zoho Writer!

One of the problems our students have is document compatibility. They create documents at home in some program other than Microsoft Word and get to school only to find that all their hard work turns into symbols, bleeps and bloops. These online word processing programs could go a long way to solve this problem. They also provide an equitable solution to some digital divide issues. Can't afford to buy Word? Then you can use Zoho or Google Docs. One thing that I discovered last week is that one can create a document in Google Docs and save it (download it) in a .doc format. This is pretty amazing. I discovered it as a friend of mine wanted to create a resume and was concerned about file compatibility since she didn't have Word. We noodled with it and made it work. It was a pretty revelatory experience (for one who deals with compatibility issues and teenagers on an almost daily basis). I haven't explored Zoho yet to determine whether or not a similar feature exists or not. We'll see.

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