Monday, April 7, 2008

Off topic: Animoto

Animoto is very cool, you can produce your own 30 second videos set to music by simply uploading photos. The 30 second videos are free, but there is also an option for full-length videos if you pay the big bucks ($3 per video or $30 for an unlimited year of video making). There are a couple of down sides... you can't edit your video once it's made without starting the process over again and waiting for the photos to upload (although an edit feature may be available with the paid service)... the video production and effects are not controllable so you have to kind of guess which photo will looks best at a certain point in the video sequence.... also, it can take a while for the video to get made (probably less time if your photo file sizes are smaller... I didn't bother to change mine the first time). That is what I know about it!

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