Tuesday, February 19, 2008

#6 week 3... flickr fun.

Look what I can do! Woohoo! I edited this photo and added that clever thought bubble. This would be a good thing for adding cute pictures to a webpage or even to a Powerpoint.

... and this too! Just for fun....
I appreciate the curriculum suggestions section of the 2.0 blog. Overall, ideas for how librarians (or teachers) could incorporate each of these applications into the curriculum are very helpful. For me, the important part of Web 2.0 is learning how to use the applications in a teaching setting.

#5 week 3: flickr and libraries...

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So, as I am completing my "Discovery Exercise" I come along this photo. To me, it is interesting aesthetically and I am curious that the library is in London, where I spent a semester as an undergrad. By clicking on the picture, I learned about the techniques used to create the vibrant color in the photo, but also by reading the comments, I learned of the group "Show us your Library 2.0" and joined it... I love the noodling! Noodling that leads to new discoveries of new entities (the library in South London) and new communities (the flickr group) is productive noodling indeed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to me...2.0!

Hello to all you webbies out there. This is my second attempt at the School Library Learning 2.0. I registered before and couldn't find the time to make it all happen. Since the first round, I have done some nifty 2.0 things for my library with Pro Snapz and Ning.com... among other things. I think this time I'll make it through. Bring it on.