Friday, October 10, 2008

#20 week 9... finishing the job

So, after quite a long hiatus (part 2 or 3), I am intending to finish this here 2.0 lesson. Before the hiatus, when I was working on this lesson, I found a few hilarious library/librarian related videos that I promptly put on my Ning (which noone looks at, but that's fine). My favorite being the Cookies in the Library Video featuring the one and only Cookie Monster.

Since then, HNHS has developed a youtube presence. Our recruitment video is there as is the video from our 140th celebration walk. I tried to add to our cadre of HNHS videos by putting a student's video about our brand-spanking new school garden on Youtube, but because the file was so big, the server reset before the video was done uploading. This led to much frustration. So far, no gardening video online. I will keep trying.

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kconover said...

I loved the Sesame Street clip -- good old Cookie Monster. Too bad he has to eat all those veggies now.