Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing official to do today...

Well, as there was nothing official to do today, I spent the day planning my attack. It took considerable time and I haven't really gotten it worked out yet. There is always too much to do. I am pretty excited for tomorrow. My mom has put me in charge of getting my picture taken with Greg Mortensen and I am stoked to get my picture taken (or maybe just a dorky autograph) with Francesca Lia Block. I am so in love with Weetzie Bat. My favorite book in her series though is definitely Missing Angel Juan. Other highlights for tomorrow are a workshop on information literacy collaboration and if I can squeeze it in a workshop on the Millennials and one on ethnic literature. The title of that one has evolved from Street Lit to Bestsellers of a Different Color. I like the second title better.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day of presentations from some of the big names in diversity and librarianship. I got to meet my personal library celebrity, Sandra Rios Balderamma. I read many of her publications when I was doing research for school. At one point after I had completed my last culminating paper (Topic #2 2005, about the diversity among library employees), I wrote her an email to tell her how much her writing meant to me in the process of my experience in school. She wrote me back with a gracious reply and thanks. So, it was pretty awesome to meet her to say the least.

The pre-conference was a pretty small group of people, 30 or so. It was a great thing to be able to have conversations with the presenters and with each other about our experiences with diversity work. I shared with the group about my own attempts at diversity work and they were incredibly supportive. It was pretty powerful that the people I look up to professionally applauded my attempts to create a more accepting environment.

So far, so good...

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