Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jeez.... I am here.

Well, I made it via the ATL. So far so independent and fancy free. I checked in and snagged one of three hard-wired internet rooms. (The wifi is acting funky here at the Best Western: Stovall Inn. Beware.) I moseyed to the 7-11 and got myself some cereal and milk for tomorrow morning (mmm... Grape-Nuts), checked in with the local labor dispute folks about the Garden Walk development, and I took some photos for this here blog on the way home. Look, they put our name on the sign...!

I also connected my bloggie and my Twitter to the ALA wiki. It was great fun. I am coming to realize that this blogging stuff takes time to do well even with a snazz-o-rama computer and DSL in the hotel room. I like it. Nerd-out!

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Good to see the Anaheim Convention Center -- I catch a plane tomorrow morning and will join you and another 20,000 librarians. It is a treat to be in the company of librarians -- wherever you go. The airport, the coffee shop, the conference of course, everywhere. Enjoy the experience and document it well, o-web-savvy-soul-that-you-are-and-becoming!

Did you know that CLA-IT Section has invited 2 teams of grad library students to do video interviews of techie presenters and exhibitors? If you see them, encourage them and also let them know you are a blogger for the CSLA 2.0 Team! Maybe they will interview you and you can give School Library Learning 2.0 a plug.
Best wishes.