Friday, October 10, 2008

Final 2.0 thoughts and feedback.

This series of lessons was very convenient, in terms of time and ease. I appreciated being able to leave it for a few months and come back at will. It took me a long time to complete all the lessons, but in the end, I am very excited to be finished.

I think this way of self-directed guided lessons worked very well for me. As I mentioned in the survey, I appreciated the Discovery Exercises and liked how they forced me to delve deeper into the application. My general social networking, 2.0 application behavior is to join, noodle around for a bit and pass it off as some extra thing that I don't have time to develop either for myself or for my school. This experience gave me suggestions for how to delve and some examples for how to use the information as I go through the lessons.

As I mentioned several times before, I would love to see MORE examples of how these applications can be used in the classroom both for information professionals as well as teachers. A breakdown or brainstorm of what kinds of skill development each application would teach would be great. Some applications merely have a cool factor. Others actually teach something. I would love evidence from folks who have tried these things out as to what kind of success or challenges they faced.

Many thanks to those of you who organized all of this! I am grateful for the opportunity and grateful that it was FREE.


Jackie S, 2.0 project manager said...

Congratulations! You have successfully completed School Library Learning 2.0 and have joined the CSLA 2.0 Team. Welcome aboard!

Hope you can attend the CSLA annual conference on Friday, when there is a program on how to go the next step -- re-branding and offering this course to classroom teachers.

IrmaPince said...

Well done! Completing the 23 things really provides a sense of accomplishment! Don't forget to go to the wiki to see classroom applications of these tools and to contribute some of your own ideas.